Have You Read The Bible Cover-To-Cover? Great 2019 Goal!

Have You Read The Bible Cover-To-Cover? Great 2019 Goal!

Have you read the bible cover-to-cover? Is it important to read the bible cover-to-cover?

Yes and Yes! I encourage everyone to read the bible 100%, cover-to-cover; every word/verse/chapter and book! This is a wonderful prayer request and goal for you in 2019. Some might ask, why should I read the bible I go to church? Yes, we go to church to hear the Word of God, but we only go to church once or twice a week for most of us. God has so much he has said in his Word. Also, 400 years ago or so, many people did not have personal bibles, and or maybe did not know how to read.  Receiving the Word from someone else was how it was done. These days, God has made the bible so available (especially in our nation), everyone can purchase and own one very inexpensively. That is such a blessing! We have the ability to have God’s Word in our homes without fear or threat. So, it is a very precious gift and blessing! Also, you can be a better servant to God Our Father, and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. You also make a better brother/sister in the church, and family member/friend, when you know God’s Word and have read it personally yourself. We are also warned to avoid false teachings. The best way to spot and avoid false teachings is to know the Word Of God yourself because you have read it 100%!

Did you read my email/letter?

Have you ever sent someone a very, very important email or letter and they did not read it? How does that make you feel? Me personally, I do not like it at all! I would imagine, God feels the same way X1000! What will someone say to God as a reason for not reading his words, more than several times? What, you were too busy? Did not have enough time in your schedule?

The Word of God is treasure chest full of precious jewels! Reading it cover-to-cover is an investment in God’s kingdom you will never, ever forget or regret!


What Worked For Me?

Here is my personal game plan for successfully reading God’s Word cover-to-cover:

  1. Pray and ask God to help you accomplish the task.
  2. Set aside 30 mins per day to read. I recommend in the morning, before you start your day. Give God the first few moments of your day.
  3. Read 2-3 Chapters per day, or 30 mins (as mentioned above), and pace yourself. The goal is not to race through it, but give yourself 2-4 years (depending on how you read). Do not try and do it in a year!
  4. Your reading goal: Let your eyes pass over every word of God (especially on your first reading).
  5. Understand what you understand and keep moving. The bible is not a newspaper or magazine. Some stuff you will understand the first time you see it, some things, maybe the second time. There are some things we will not understand until we get to Heaven. Remember your goal: Let your eyes pass over every one of God’s Words. Don’t get discouraged because you do not understand something, or cannot pronounce names or words.


  1. Reading Strategy:
    1. Read one Chapter from the old Testament/then read a chapter from the New Testament (Example – start with Genesis, and then read Matthew; then Exodus, then mark ect).
    2. Read the first 5 books of the Old Testament; then read the first 5 books of the New Testament; and then alternate like the tactic mentioned above.
  2. Highlight and underline what jumps out at you! Date your notes; date when you finished a book; leave yourself time capsule notes – I love reading over notes I left myself from old readings.

These are my personal recommendations to reading the bible cover-to-cover. After your first time reading it, then I recommend in your 2nd time, reading straight Genesis through Revelations. Yes, I said 2nd time. I would like to encourage you to pray for a very impressive goal re Reading God’s Word (7 times). I Love reading God’s Word, and It is my prayer you will also!


May God Bless you your reading journey!


Andre – Love The Lord! Inc.

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