Give a Gift for Growth-Christian Retail

Scripture tells us to ask, seek and knock (Matt 7:7)

7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.


Our Prayer

Our prayer has been to become a Christian Products company that helps believers love God with all their heart, strength and might, by placing the Word Of God on products a person can have in their home, and take with them in their daily activities.


Asking For Your Help

We are asking for your help to grow as a company. Any financial gift you can give to help us purchase and develop more products; market those products and pay operating expenses would be greatly appreciated! We are a small for Profit Company, and we pay taxes, so this will be a gift from you that is not tax deductible.
 Many customers have commented in discussion, and in our feedback surveys how they appreciate that we exist, and that we need more Christian products companies. Many of our sales come from regions where there are not a lot of Christian bookstores or Christian retail businesses. A year or two after we launched our company, Family Christian Retail stores closed their doors (+200 stores nationally). I really liked shopping with them, and felt loss when they closed. We are currently small, but see the response of people that have supported us, and they are right, we do need more Christian themed retail businesses. Christian and faith based movies have proven, if you develop products targeted toward the Christian/faith based community they will support it. So we are asking and seeking your support, and the support of the Christian community to help us grow.


Our desire regarding growth

There are millions of messages on millions of products. We love God’s Word, and believe there is no better message for people to have on products then the wonderful jewels of scripture contained in the Bible. What better way to place God’s Word in your heart then to have it displayed in your home, or carried with you throughout your day! We are now a small husband/wife business, but would love, someday, to be the online Amazon/Walmart/Wayfair of Scripture inscribed/Christian themed products.  We have a ways to go, but with prayer and your growth gift support, we can start the wonderful journey.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions at 470-239-6165, or you can email us at


Thank you and God Bless!

Andre Mitchell - President, Love The Lord! Inc.



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