Christian Cap - Camper Cherished Girl

$ 16.75

Christian Cap - Camper Cherished Girl

Are you ready to help spread some joy? Everybody loves to hear good news, which is great for you, because you have the best news of all time to share. Your life has been changed because of Jesus, and now you have the chance to tell someone about how He can change their life too! You get the opportunity to help create a lot of happy campers every time you pop on this Cherished Girl Cap. You don’t even need to like camping.

Are you willing to accept the mission of putting some smiles on others’ faces? Are you ready to go into your community with the Good News of Jesus and turn some sad campers into happy ones? Put on your Cherished Girl cap and watch heavy hearts become lighter as you spread the word that Jesus died for them and loves them unconditionally.

Item #: CGC2482


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