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Christmas Family Gifts - The Christmas Love Box. Give the Gift of Love ~ One Note at a Time. It’s a family tradition.  People write love notes to family and friends, gather together and then read the notes to each other on Christmas day, or Christmas Eve.This treasured family activity brings everyone closer together, forever, and can really add to your Christmas experience.

This is a wonderful family activity for the Christmas season. Encourage the family to express themselves for all the good things done, and what they appreciate about the person. place them in the box, and read and save them for later (Please see video below). One great gift to give during Christmas is appreciation! Use the Christmas Love Box to express that appreciation and have fun doing it at the same time!

 “The Christmas Love Box™ is the perfect way to lead your family in a tradition of love and gratitude for each other . . .  and to experience the true spirit of Christmas.” 

                                                                 ~ Rachael Bodie, John Maxwell Co & Mom of 2

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Christmas Love Box Kit


  • Keepsake Box, customizable with the person’s name. Size:  9” length x 9.5” wide & 2.5” height
  • Beautifully Illustrated children’s & adult ‘How to’ book. Filled with simple ideas & step by step instructions (45 pages, 8” x 8”).
  • 30 Christmas Love Notes starter pack. Size:  3” x 4” (folded)

 Christmas Love Notes™

  • 30 cards in pack
  • Size: 3” x 4” (folded)                          
  • Retail - $9.99

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It is our hope that all of the products you select point you, or whoever is the recipient of the gift, to His Word and The Lord, and help you love him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength!

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