Cross - Jesus Story (Manger-to-the-Cross)

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Cross - Jesus Story (Manger-to-the-Cross)



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Do you want a beautiful wall art representation of God's gift, the birth and life of Jesus Christ. This is wonderful carved woodwork like art that will help you remember the wonderful gift from God in Jesus Christ and his life from birth-to-the-cross. The detail within this cross is outstanding, and it comes in a decorative box with a brief poem. 
Life Journey displayed in Cross:
  • Birth in manger
  • Jesus Baptism with dove 
  • Jesus healing, or raising Lazarus
  • Jesus praying to God in the garden 
  • Jesus carrying His Cross
  • The tombstone moved from the cross entrance

This is a great snapshot of some of the significant moments God revealed to us about His son Jesus Christ. 

Resin - 12 inches H, Metal Hoop Hanger, Blue vac tray gift box with verse on clear acetate lid - The Creche to the Cross Wall Plaque
Comes in a decorative box.
Placed in a lowly manger, was a Gift sent from above. Precious, perfect, priceless, given to us with love.
He lived just like one of us, and walked this early stage, Bringing love, peace, and hope To all people, age to age. 
Then he hung upon a cross, God's Son, blameless and pure, A sacrifice in our place, Our sins He did endure.
From the Creche (a representation of the nativity scene) to the cross, His perfect life shows the way. Thank you God, for this gift of Christ. We celebrate on Christmas day.

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