Photo Frame - 50 Years Together

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Photo Frame - 50 Years Together

This is a wonderful celebratory photo frame that shows the 50 beautiful years two people shared!

11x14 black frame with sentiment and 6 spaces for photos throughout 50 years of marriage.

Also Included: Plaque that allows you to have engraved.

The different sections: Wedding Photo; First Home; Early Parenthood; Growing Years; The New Generation and the 50th Year Anniversary.

This is a great gift to help celebrate the gift from God - A 50 year Wedding Anniversary!

Middle Inscription:

A wedding day, 50 years ago,
Two young loves joined as one.
Both committed to forever,
A journey had begun.

They made a home together,
Filled it with love and care.
Opened their doors and hearts,
Welcomed friends and family there.

The two became parents,
And shared both joy and sorrow.
Sacrificed and compromised,
Their goal, a strong tomorrow.

They watched their family grow,

Marked milestones along the way.
Graduations, anniversaries,
The commitment was there to stay.

They welcomed a new generation,
Blessings beyond compare.
The fruits of two loves,
Now the generations share.

50 years have unfolded,
A celebration of married life.
A vow of love still cherished,

Holding Hands as Husband and Wife

Item: 30159

Size: 11 inches x 14 inches

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