Plaque - Grace 3D Plaque (Multiple Scriptures to Encourage)

$ 24.75

Plaque - Grace 3D Plaque (Multiple Scriptures to Encourage)

Copper-bronze frame • Grace, Shadow box depth - An encouraging look at people in scripture who made mistakes, had human failings, but who experienced triumphant Grace. The theme and title "When You Need Grace" this plaque does a good job summarizing some of the people in the bible, their situation and how God extended Grace to them! He will do it for you also, and for whoever in your life that needs the special message of Grace. The section of the plaque that reads "When You Need Grace Remember" is extended out within the frame to give a nice 3D effect.
Item # 12815
Size: 8 1/5 inch square
Based on the scriptures:

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