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Help us raise funds for our July 2019 buying season (Goal: 1500 New Products & Product Marketing before Christmas) - Looking to grow! Thank you & God Bless!

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Love The Lord! Inc.
Our Story

  • We are a small business; started by my wife and I; been in business 5 years; we self-financed; was inspired by the joy of giving scripture based gifts to friends and family. 
    • We are seeing year-over-year sales/order growth (150%-200%)
    • We sell online on our website; Amazon; Ebay, and Etsy.
    • In 2019, we sold our first orders to Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, and Ireland.
    • Other international sells - Canada, France, the Netherlands and Australia. This is a big growth area for us!
  • Our Mission
    • Our Company is organized around the scripture Deut 6:5 "And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might."
  • Our Christian foundation/background is Baptist.

     7 Good Reasons to Support Our Growing Christian Business!

    • We are seeing year-over-year growth, and feel the Christian Faith Based community is a neglected niche market with big potential!
      • Our target Customer is the Faith Based Consumer (41 Million US)
    • Our Customer Satisfaction Feedback (Using Survey Monkey) is far above online retail average! In 2018/2019 our Customer Loyalty Scores avg. 85%-90% (Average online retail = 42%).
    • Many of our orders are from states without Christian retail stores or bookstores. 
      • We think this is a big opportunity in these states!
    • Strong brand and name identification with Christian shoppers. 
      • Our customers love the name of our company, and identify with it. It connects with the faith based community.
    • There are 2.2 Billion Christians around the world (According to Pew Research).
      • All potential customers!
    • Faith Based Movies are doing great, and growing in popularity. The Faith Based consumer is a supportive, and a growing niche community marketers are targeting. 
    • There needs to be a great National Christian Products Company!
      • We have the potential to be one of the best! (Lord's Will/Lord's Blessing). 

    We are asking for your help!

    • We are asking our Christian brothers and sisters for a little financial support. 
    • It is a challenge for small businesses to get funds to grow beyond the start-up phase. We are doing good and need to go to the next level.
    • It is even more challenging because Christian/Religious retail businesses cannot get SBA loans. 

    Next Steps - How to Give?

    • Select any amount to give.
    • Free Gift Wall Art for Contributions Above $500; $1000; $2,500; $5000 (See Attached)
    • Our Goal: Raise $100,000
      • If we hit our goal, we will purchase 1500 new products; develop new products; market/advertise; hire labor and pay general operating expenses.
    • The fundraising period: April 13, 2019 - June 30, 2019
    • Please tell friends and family, church members, co-workers and all others. 

    (Note: We give in our organization according to Matthew Chapter 6)

    Feel free to call us if you have any questions at 470-239-6165, or you can email us at gifts@lovethelordinc.com. If you want to mail us a gift, please submit it to the following address: 1310 Mystic Ridge Place; Cumming, Ga 30040.

    Note: We are a for-profit retail company, we pay taxes, so this will be a gift from you that is not tax deductible.


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    Organizations, businesses, and individuals alike can use crowdfunding for any type of project.

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