Wall art - Kid Question Frame Mom

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Wall art - Kid Question Frame Mom

Life with my Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma. This adorable rustic barnwood brown 8x8 frame for the wall or table features a round picture opening for a picture with the child and the parent or grandparent. Then it ask fun questions for the child to answer (either on their own or with parental help). This is a great way to capture thoughts and moments between the Grandparents/Parents and the children; almost like a time capsule of information! Fun to review years later!

Item # 4391BW/GrandGiftCo/R-5-2


Dad Kid Questions - 8x8 Barnwood Brown Frame (4390BW/GPGC/R-5-2)

Mom Kid Questions - 8x8 Barnwood Brown Frame (4391BW/GPGC/R-5-2)

Grandpa Question - 8x8 Barnwood Brown Frame (4393BW/GPGC/R-5-2) 

Grandma Questions - 8x8 Barnwood Brown (4392BW/GPGC/R-5-2)

Exodus 20:12 

12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

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